Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and warm tropical weather — the Caribbean is truly paradise here on Earth. As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, the Caribbean offers so much to its visitors. Composed of thousands of islands big and small, there is a place for everyone to vacation and relish in the splendor of the Caribbean.


Land Activities

You'll find endless outdoor activities including water parks, lush tropical forests, natural hot springs, zip lining, trails to hike and bike on, and of course miles and miles of sandy beaches to relax on and explore.

Water Activities

You'll find an abundant amount of ways to enjoy water activities in the Caribbean. Choose to go swimming, fishing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking and much more.


There is a wealth of culture in the Caribbean. Visit San Juan, the oldest city in the US, tour an 18th-century courthouse in Antigua, see the St. Nicholas Abbey in Barbados, or explore the Green Grotto Cave in Jamaica.


Depending on which island you stay on, there is a variety of exciting nightlife hot spots to choose from. You'll find glitzy casinos, lively salsa clubs, lots of live local music, and plenty of oceanfront bars.


There's a variety of duty-free shopping on the islands. Whether you want jewelry, fine spirits (like rum), souvenirs, clothing, or even electronics, you can find a variety of local shops big and small to fit your purchasing needs.

Dinner Shows

While delectable island cuisine is especially common in the Caribbean, you'll find a variety of restaurants that feature tastes from around the world. Sample the local flavors and seafood while enjoying a plethora of options.


There are over 7,000 individual islands that comprise a total of 28 island nations in the Caribbean. This year-round, sun-soaked destination lends itself to tourists and you’ll seldom encounter a “slow travel season.” ┬áThe Caribbean is perfect for romantic retreats and family vacations alike. Certain resorts specialize in certain types of vacations, so be sure to pick the island and the resort-style that best fits your needs.

  • Temperatures live in the 80's and 90's when the sun it out. It is crucial to limit your sun exposure and wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid the damaging rays.
  • Caribbean waters are an average of 80 degrees, making for very comfortable swimming.
  • Flora and fauna is abundant in the Caribbean. Keep your eye out for new and interesting plants and wildlife, and bring a book that might help you identify what you're seeing.