We are a flight rebate company dedicated to making booking flights to your home resort simple and affordable. Our online platform makes it easy to book your annual flights to and from your home resort destination. The guaranteed rebate saves you cash annually and offers flexibility to schedule the flights that fit your needs. We believe flying shouldn’t be stressful or expensive, so we want to ensure you get the value and service you deserve when traveling each and every year.

Flight Rebate
Our members are guaranteed up to a $500 rebate towards airfare at their respective home resort registered week stay each year for a period of ten years. Save thousands on travel expenses and enjoy a stress-free process when booking.
Book through any online travel site or flight booking engine—there are no airline or flight restrictions. Use whatever booking method is most convenient for you! We want you to get the flights that fit your needs and your schedule.
Customer Service
We're available to answer questions and provide assistance around the clock. We guarantee that your experience will always be as smooth and straightforward as possible. Never hesitate to call us with any concerns.
We don’t require you to mail in your boarding pass and other documentation in order to qualify. Simply upload a copy of these documents using our convenient online platform for instant confirmation that your request is being processed.


We make it affordable to travel each year to your beloved home resort. Despite the rising airline costs, we can provide you with peace of mind that you will always get the most affordable flights year after year, with complete flexibility in which airline you choose.

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What our clients are SAYING...

We love the peace of mind that Carefree Flights gives us. We always used to stress about the cost and inconvenience of booking flights. The rebate we get makes it so affordable to travel to Cancun each year. We'll be members for as long as we own our timeshare!

– Tom & Marie Wilmington